The BIG Reveal - My 2023 RBD Block Challenge Quilt!

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Last week Riley Blake Designs shared their FINISHED 2023 RBD Block Challenge Quilt.  Did you see it?  If not, don't worry.  Check out the beauty below.
Can we spend a moment admiring THAT quilting!!  Come on!!  I'm typically not a wide open "white space" person but when RBD's long arm quilter, Chelsea Fitzgerald of @cuddleupquilts creates the secondary "stitched" blocks, keep the spaces wide open please!  GREAT job Chelsea!!
The bar has been set pretty high after that reveal but I am so excited to share with you what two of my quilting buddies, Lisa Garber and Diane Merritt, created.
As mentioned in an earlier blog post here where Lisa created EACH of the designer blocks using (1) Fat Quarter Bundle of my Floret Collection for the 16 blocks plus my favorite background fabric, Riley Blake Confetti Cotton Cloud.
I then mailed ALL the finished blocks to Diane Merritt with RBD's layout plan with a quick note stating "IF IF IF you're up to it and feeling creative, can you use my Blooming Blossom Templates and fill in the white space with a flowing/flowering vine using the easy fusible applique method?
Guess what she said?  Yes!!!!
Isn't it beautiful?!!!  I was absolutely blown away when it arrived from my long arm quilter, Penny Barnes!
We need to hit pause and admire Penny's quilting too; isn't it gorgeous!  My only request was heirloom quilting and look at what she did!!!  Cross hatched all the blocks and stitched a double orange peel (I think that's what she calls it) in the applique space.  
Ok, back to the open space applique.  Diane simply used the Blooming Blossom templates in a fun and unique way to create the flowing, blooming vine.  Here's some close ups to see her creations and Penny's quilting too.
Isn't it beautiful?!!  What is more surprising to me and absolutely warms my heart is how it all came together knowing both Lisa and Diane worked completely INDEPENDENT of each other.  Both were given creative liberty to use the Floret colors they wanted for the blocks and applique flowering vine.  
It truly is confirmation when you work within a collection, you really cannot go wrong with your color choices within the block and the overall quilt!
Have you been following along with the other 15K+ who participated in this fun weekly block challenge?  If not, I HIGHLY encourage you to check out the Facebook group #RBDblockchallenge | 2023.  There are some incredible layouts found throughout the group.
Can you keep a secret?  Promise?  You didn't hear this from me but there's a really, really strong possibility that RBD will be kicking off another challenge at the beginning of the new year - 2024!  I know, right!!!  I "think" I'll be participating in that one too.
Well, I'd love to hear what you think.  Are you a wide open white space kind of quilter or do you need every part of your quilt to be filled with blocks and patches of fabric?  Please let me know in the comments below.
Happy Quilting!
Quick Links to all the products used in my 2023 RBD Challenge Quilt:

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  • Stunning quilting! Horray to all!!
    The Teamplate li k is not working. Can you tell me where can purchase them please?

    Paula on
  • Stunning quilt!!!

    Helen L on
  • This quilt is gorgeous. I can’t stop looking at it. Could you tell me how much background fabric is needed?

    Naomi Tanner on
  • Could you tell me the name of the digitized quilt pattern that was used in the background of this quilt

    Linda Griffith on
  • Omg Gerri it looks beautiful!!!! I love Diane’s applique and it really adds such delicate beauty to the whole thing! Love to see it all together!

    Lisa on

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