WAMH Trimmed Corners Recycled into a New Beauty!

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WAMH?  What's that?  The acronym for With All My Heart!

Check out last week's blog post here to get up to speed on what I'm about to share.

Remember when I briefly mentioned an ADDITIONAL design Diane Merritt @storyofaquiltdesigns created from the heart's trimmed corners from the With All My Heart pattern?  

Look at what she created!

Here's a closer look for you to see.

Can you see where she sewed the heart's trimmed corners into half square triangles then sewed them into blocks?

And then used her "left over" strip sets for a nice pieced border?

There is NO pattern for this design unfortunately.  I wanted to share this with you as encouragement and inspiration to "recycle" your trimmed corners to create a new design that is special and unique to you!

This isn't the first time Diane "recycled" her trimmed corners.  

Remember this design?

You can read the blog post here to learn about the backstory on this quilt!

Do you "recycle" your trimmed corners already or will this be the first time trying something a little bit out of your comfort zone? 

If you do create a NEW design from your With All My Heart trimmed corners, I'd LOVE to see a picture!

Happy Quilting AND Happy Recycling!


PS:  The clock is ticking!  There's LESS THAN 24 hours to download With All My Heart FREE Pattern here!

Starting Saturday, October 23, it becomes a paid pdf pattern for $10.00!  Tick Tock don't miss out!




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  • Thank you so much for the free Hearts Download.
    A friend has just given birth to a baby girl and this is a perfect gift. Can’t wait to get started!
    Sincerely yours

    Coral Mills on
  • I’m not sure if I could make something out of the leftovers, but I still might try because I’ve always thought ssomething could and should be made.
    If I ever do, I will definitely send you pictures!

    Doe Harden on

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