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 Chirp Chirp Tweet Tweet did you hear the latest news from Riley Blake Designs?

Riley Blake Designs along with (21) of their designers are celebrating the launch of their first LOW VOLUME designer fabric collection called

Hush Hush!

What is a LOW VOLUME designer collection you ask? 

Great question! 

Its a compilation of individual fabric designs from (21) different RBD designers on a white or cream ground giving a quilt's background variety and movement!


The LOW-VOLUME prints can be used for pieced blocks on a dark ground.  WOW!  That would be stunning! 

Can you visualize what it would look like?

The above are the LOW-VOLUME prints found in the (21) piece Hush Hush collection!

Any guesses which print is mine?  Its in there. 

Just need to look a little closer to the center top!

Do you see it?

If you guessed this print (above), you are correct!  

 Curious about all the birds you're seeing?  Any of them look familiar to you?

 If you noticed any of the similarities, you may have guessed the Riley Blake Designs LOGO and you would be correct!

What a fun way to announce a new collection, Hush Hush, from many of the contributing Riley Blake Designers with the Riley Blake Designs LOGO!


What better way to celebrate the launch of Hush Hush than to offer you FREE patterns of (3) different bird styles!

Pieced (above) and FREE pattern here!

 Paper Pieced (above) and FREE pattern here!


 Applique! (above) and the FREE pattern here!

Riley Blake Designs covered ALL the bases with (3) different ways to create your own RBD Bird Block. 

What is your favorite method?

As I reveal a bit more of the birds and blocks,

are you noticing anything else that looks familiar? 

Any guesses yet?


 If you guessed the Riley Blake Designs Block Challenge you would be absolutely correct!

If you're new to my blog, you can get up to full speed

here and here and here and learn all about the RBD Block Challenge

that occurred earlier this year. 

Continue to follow the (older) blog posts for the rest of the

RBD Block Challenge blocks and their back stories.

 Ready to see how the birds and blocks came together?

 How fun is that!!!!

You know the saying "Birds of a Feather Flock Together?"

Well I have some pretty amazing birds (quilting friends) that flocked around me to create this very special quilt!

Diane Merritt @storyofaquiltdesigns who I've written about here and here, created the INDIVIDUAL personalities of ALL the birds.  

Personalities?  What?  Look closely. 

EACH bird is different beyond their fabric colors. 

Diane created dimensional folded triangles for MOST of the birds to give them their own unique personality? 

Look closely at their tail and wing feathers, head dresses, party hats  . . .

see it now?




 In addition to creating and sewing each of the birds, Diane ALSO designed the quilt's layout and sewed it all together using Hush Hush!

Lisa Garber @thecurvyquilter, who I introduced to you

here and here and here 

stepped in (without asking) and sewed (7) of the RBD Challenge Blocks

while I was battling Covid earlier this year.

And NO quilt is finished

until its quilted by my #1 Go-To Long Arm Quilter,

Penny Barnes @pbandjquiltstudio!!

 Look closely at the lower right corner.  Do you see it?

 How's that for a close up look? 

Yep, Penny quilted Tweet Tweet around the corners of the quilt

paying homage to all the unique birds Diane created!

Diane, Lisa and Penny,  the Hush Hush Tweet Tweet quilt

could NOT have happened without your incredible and gifted talents! 

Thank you for being a part of my flock!  

Have you ever worked/played with LOW VOLUME prints?

Want to give it a try?

We have Hush Hush 5" and 10" Stackers here and here

as well as Hush Hush Rolie Polies here!

And if you're interested in my Hush Hush Stem Print,

you can purchase yardage here!


Until next week, happy Hush Hush Tweet Tweet Quilting!



PS:  In case you're unsure,

ALL the fabrics used (other than Hush Hush for the background)

are Gem Stone Brights!

You can purchase Gem Stone Brights here too!












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  • What a cute quilt….amazing what team effort can create. Way to go ladies!

    Jean on
  • cute birds, great quilt

    Thunder on

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