Block 7: Reach for the Stars!

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Hi There!  How was your "spring break"?  Did you get all caught up on your 6 RBD Challenge Blocks?  If not, no worries!  Remember you get the last week of every month to catch up!

We're almost at the half way point and I love seeing what you guys are creating - lots of creativity going on which is so fun to see!

Remember!!  ADD #RBDblockchallenge to all your Instagram posts AND if you haven't joined the Facebook Group, you can do so here!  There's over 1800 quilters participating and following along!

Melanie Collette of Hello Melly Designs created Block 7:  Reach for the Stars!  Just like me, Melanie gravitates towards stars.

Melanie took a different approach with her RBD Block Challenge blocks by using a dark grid print for her ground - something completely non-conventional for her; but she's loving the results!

 I think it was a GREAT decision because look at how awesome her blocks look!

How many of you are taking advantage of this challenge and trying something unconventional?  Something totally out of your wheelhouse?

I have to admit, I too have stepped out of my "comfort" zone by challenging myself with different color combinations, different ground colors and so much more that I'm kind of surprising myself along the way.

I really Reached for the Stars by mixing Gem Stones Coral Serenade for the ground and the two tones in Gem Stones Raspberry Dazzle for my block.  At first, I wasn't too sure but when I laid it with the rest of my blocks, I really like where its all going!

Here's a quick glimpse of all my blocks to date:

Its a reach (for me) I know but I'm beginning to have a "plan" and in my mind, its looks pretty spectacular!  Time will tell if all plays out as I envision.

Reach for the Stars pattern can be found here.

Remember this post here where I invited you to a Two-Part Challenge?  Scroll towards the bottom of the post and look for the heading  Part 2 Challenge!

Well, its official!!!  Cindy Cloward announced yesterday on Instagram that the Garden of Quilts is back in its full-scale glory September 15-18, 2021!

Let's really make the Thanksgiving Point landscape BLOOM with our RBD Challenge Block Quilts!  Wouldn't that be spectacular!  I can already envision it!  Whose with me?  Let's make it happen!

Next week's block took an unexpected turn for me.  You'll see in less than 8 days what I mean.  I have a feeling, I think you're going to LOVE it - I sure do!

Until next week, enjoy the sunshine, the blooms of the new season and stepping out and quilting in a non-conventional way (for you)!



















































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