Embroidery Blooming Basket Panels!?

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If you've been a regular blog reader of Planted Seed Designs, you're well aware when I introduced my sister, Theresa's, interpretation of the Blooming Baskets (originally designed as applique) as embroidery.

You can read all about it here and here!

You guys were thrilled and excited and waited in anticipation of our next steps.  We had every intention of bringing you, what we thought you were interested in, but then life as we all know it now, happened.

Welcome Plan B!

The above Tranquility Basket Panel 2 is not new to you.  In fact, you've seen it in numerous quilts like the Tranquility Hope Quilt KIT below:

and the Tranquility Hopscotch Quilt KIT below:

What is Plan B?  Bringing you a simpler, more beginner friendly version of the Blooming Baskets but printed as a panel and HIGHLIGHTED with simple, beginner friendly embroidery.
Because if you purchased the Tranquility Hope or Tranquility Hopscotch kits, you're probably wondering what to do with the other (3) baskets, right?
What about pillows?!  In fact, what about embroidery "highlighted" pillows?  What do we mean by embroidery "highlight"?  Where you pick elements within the pre-printed basket and add embroidery stitches (of your choice) to bring dimension and texture to what is normally a flat printed basket.
Because I do not do or truly really know embroidery stitches, I'm going to let the following pictures tell the story of how my sister, Theresa, interpreted each basket design in stitches.
Theresa focused on the basket and the centers of the bleeding hearts:
in addition to stitching the actual leaves in the fabric's print!
On to basket #2
Those flowers and basket detail, come on!
Basket #3
and the embroidery details!
Those daisies just make me smile!  How about you?
And Basket #4
Now that's a basket full of blooms!  Check out how Theresa made the flowers unique by their unique flower centers and petal stitches and that basket!!!
Well?  what do you think?  Pretty interesting and fascinating don't you think?  As I mentioned, I do not do any embroidery so if you have any questions, please leave them in the COMMENTS below and Theresa will see them and I'll respond accordingly in the COMMENTS section so all can see and follow along.
Until next week, I hope your week is full of unexpected "highlights" that bring a smile to your face and joy in your heart!

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  • Where can I buy these panels

    Jo mchenry on
  • Where can I buy these panels

    Jo mchenry on
  • These are gorgeous. I learned embroidery before I learned to sew. What a great idea.

    Susan Lord on
  • I can’t wait to retire so I can have time to do this. Beautiful workmanship!!

    Dovetail on

    Suzanne Coyner on

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