From Backyard Garden to Garden of Quilts!

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I've been very fortunate to be introduced to some incredibly talented quilters and makers through mutual friends and social media and Peggy True is no exception!

Peggy found me through a Gem Stones project she found of mine on Bloglovin.  Did you know you can now follow my blog on Bloglovin?  Its as simple as clicking here!

Peggy reached out to me full of Gem Stones inspiration wanting to "play" with the collection bringing her inspirations to life.  She shared several pictures of quilts she made throughout her quilting career and was wanting to remake them in Gem Stones.  We at Planted Seed Designs call that RE-FRESHING a design!

Are you ready to see what Peggy created?  Ladies, I'm about to offer you a front row seat of some absolutely gorgeous quilts and I'm utterly thrilled they are all made with Gem Stones and Gem Stones Brights!!  

 First up:  Autumnal Dreamscape!

With cooler weather and Fall right around the corner, Autumnal Dreamscapes will fit right in to Peggy's autumn decor.

Peaks and Valleys is next!

Sometimes no words are needed because they just do not match the visual beauty you see in this Gem Stones Peaks and Valleys!

I do want to comment though on her use of a Gem Stones print in BOTH Peaks and Valleys and Autumnal Dreamscapes as OUTER Borders!  Guess what?  I'll be adding Gem Stones borders to some of my future designs too! 

Introducing Reflections!

There is so much movement in this design, check out these close ups:

I have yet to make a Bargello quilt.  I've been too intimidated with the process.  When I sit down to sew, I'm full steam ahead and prefer not to have to think or keep track of where I am in a design so I'll continue to admire Peggy's and all the others I come across.

Rainbow Compass is next!

It looks like a rug, doesn't it but its not!  Its simply stunning!

All (4) designs above were created using the original Gem Stones collection with each design focusing on some or all of the (30) prints!

The Gem Stones collection really does have all that color/tone flexibility within each print.  It gives quilter's so much variety and flexibility to create!

When Gem Stones Brights hit the marketplace, Peggy already knew she wanted to create a Gem Stones Brights Bargello quilt, so she did!

Introducing Rainbow Bargello!

Isn't that the perfect name?  Peggy's Rainbow Bargello uses ALL (16) Gem Stones Brights prints making it the perfect size for a baby's play mat!

In case you missed it, we featured Peggy's Blocks for Baby here!

Pretty spectacular wouldn't you agree?  Well, there's more good news! 

Remember when I encouraged you to submit a quilt or two to the Garden of Quilts to be considered for display here?

I am thrilled to share that not 1, not 2, not 3 but ALL 5 of Peggy's quilts shown above (minus Blocks for Baby) will be on full display at this year's Garden of Quilts 2020!

If you're planning on attending this year's Garden of Quilts and if you see any of Peggy's quilts while strolling the grounds, we would love for you to snap a picture and share it with us.

I'm certain her quilts are going to look spectacular in this setting!

Here's a link to all the information regarding attending this year's Garden of Quilts 2020!

Oh, Peggy didn't stop there with her Gem Stones / Gem Stones Bright creations but I'll share those with you in another blog post soon, I promise!  You will not be disappointed!

I hope you enjoyed the visual stroll through Peggy's Backyard Garden as she prepares her quilts for shipping to the Garden of Quilts at Thanksgiving Point!

Congratulations Peggy!  So well deserved!  

I hope whatever you're working on this week, brings you peace and comfort like a stroll through a flower filled park does!



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  • Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

    Marilou Loudon on
  • Omg!! These are absolutely JAW DROPPING!! Soooo beautiful Peggy!! Gerri..wowza!!

    Lisa Garber on

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