Re-Freshed Quilts

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Today's post we are talking about my Re-Freshed Quilts! If you missed my last few blog posts you can catch up and read about my MOD-ified and Re-Imagined concepts too!

So, what is a Re-Freshed Quilt? I'm glad you asked! 

It means to make (something) more modern or up to date.

It can't be said any simpler and that's the approach we took by simply going back into our depth of quilt designs, giving them a fresh new look by recreating them in our new and most current fabric collections.

I know sometimes you see a pattern you think you love but it's hard to tell because the fabric choice is really not your style... when we show you the Re-Freshed version you may be able to see the quilt differently!

We have a large library of Re-Freshed Quilt designs and I am so excited to share that we just added a whole batch of new quilts Re-Freshed in my brand new line, Majestic!! These quilts are truly lovely and I hope you love them too. Keep reading for a glimpse of some of my favorite Re-Freshed Quilts or click HERE to see them all!

Flutter in Rustic Romance (above)

Leah in Majestic (above)

Hidden Stars in Rose Garden (above)

Poinsettia Stars in Majestic (above)

United Four Star Table Runner in Charming (above)

Hopefully seeing these quilt patterns Re-Freshed with new fabric will help you visualize them better and you can fall in love with them all over again!


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