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Let's talk about my Re-Imagined Quilts! If you have been with me for a while you are probably familiar with this concept already but I wanted to review it for anyone who is new to the Planted Seed Designs family!

Q: What is a Re-Imagined Quilt?

A: To imagine again or anew; to form a new conception of; recreate

That’s exactly what we’ve done to several of our favorite designs – we recreated them into something more beautiful. 

I am a firm believer that every quilt you make and every pattern you buy should do MORE for you! That is why so many of my patterns are Two for One or have a Re-Imagined design to accompany it!

For example, below is my Rustic Village quilt.

I absolutely love this pattern! It is from my Rustic Romance Book and is originally made with my Rustic Romance fabric collection. As I worked more with this pattern in different fabrics I realized that elements from this quilt would also make a gorgeous table runner! I love displaying quilted table runners in my home. So, I took the original pattern and re-wrote the materials list and cutting directions for how to make a table runner. That is how my Re-Imagined designs are born! See below for the Re-Imagined table runner in Rose Garden and click HERE for the full directions.

All of my Re-Imagined designs are on my website but you will still need the ORIGINAL book or pattern to make each of the designs. We only provide the UPDATED Materials List and Cutting Directions. The construction of each design will be found in the original pattern.

Keep scrolling to see some of my beautiful, Re-Imagined designs or click HERE for the complete library!

United in Hope (above): Re-Imagined from United 4 Star Table Runner and Hope Stacked Stars Table Runner found in the Casual Classic Quilts book shown here in Charming.

Rustic Romance Sampler (above): Re-Imagined from United 8 Star and 4 Star Table Runners and Diamonds in the Sky Quilt found in the Casual Classic Quilts book shown here in Rustic Romance.

Stacked Stars (above): Re-Imagined from Hope Stacked Stars Table Runner found in the Casual Classic Quilts book shown here in Charming.

Dazzling Blooms (above): Re-Imagined from the Dazzling Quilt found in the Casual Classic Quilts book plus Bonus Applique Block #6 from the Baskets & Blooms Quilt book shown here in Rustic Romance.

Bloom (above): Re-Imagined from the quilt Blossom shown here in Charming.

I hope you find my Re-Imagined designs inspiring and a great way to get more life out of some of your favorite books and patterns!


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