The Results are IN! Part 2

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If you missed Part 1 of this blog post, click HERE to go back and read it.

For those of you who took our survey (thank you again) you may remember the last question gave you free reign to tell us all about the kind of quilts you most like to make! These answers in particular helped give unique insight to what it is you want when you buy a pattern.

There were so many different answers but in the end your responses fit under three main 'umbrellas': simple quilts, more involved piecing, and appliqué.

I am always working on new designs and patterns so this information is very useful in making sure what is coming next is something you will love!

For those of you who said you prefer simple quilts, it does not get more simple than a pre-cut friendly pattern! Click HERE and HERE for a roundup of simple piecing patterns that would also look great as scrappy quilts!

If you prefer more advanced piecing then you will love almost ALL of my patterns! Moderate to advanced piecing is my favorite style of quilts as well. Click HERE to check out my new Majestic patterns or click HERE for my books.

For everyone who loves appliqué, I have Blooming Baskets! It is TWO quilt designs and SEVEN appliqué basket designs in ONE book! It doesn't get better than that! Click HERE to see more of Blooming Baskets.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find a pattern that matches your style!




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