Tranquility Basket Panel Project Bags!

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Well I'm back with yet another way to use the Tranquility Baskets Panels!  How about Clear View Project Bags!

After I had shared what my sister Theresa had created with the Tranquility Basket Panels (here), I was thinking about other ways to use the panels.

My mind went quickly to project bags and I began to search the web for a quick, and easy bag that even "I" could make when my oldest sister, Trish, dropped me a quick email with the SAME idea!

I shared my thoughts and line of thinking with Trish and before I knew it, a picture of a Clear View Project Bag showed up in a text!

Yes!!!  That's exactly what I was envisioning but really couldn't find just the right pattern/project to pull it all together that I could share with you!

Trish did the research and found the BEST tutorial that even you can use to make your very own project bags and its FREE!

Introducing Cindy Cloward's (owner of Riley Blake Designs) Clear View Tote video HERE

Trish followed Cindy's instructions but made minor tweaks on the size of her materials since the Tranquility Project Bags finish at 16" vs 12" as in Cindy's video.

Here are the "adjustments" Trish made to accommodate the Tranquility Basket Panel:

(1) Tranquility Basket Panel:  (1) basket cut 18" square (here)

Lining Fabric:  18" square (here)

Strips of Fabric (framing zipper):  (2) strips cut 2-1/2" x 16-1/2" (here)

Binding:  (2) strips cut 2-1/2" x WOF (here)

Batting:  Soft and Stable (here)

Zipper:  (1) 22" Atkinson Designs (here)

Clear View Vinyl:  (1) piece cut 14-1/2" x 16-1/2" (here)

Trish wanted to show how the bag can look when a little extra quilting is added around each of the basket elements to really lift them off the surface.

But she also wanted to show how equally as beautiful they can look with a simple grid stitched across the entire surface:

And the size is so generous you can tuck and carry 10" Stackers, 5" Stackers, 2-1/2" Rolie Polies, books, patterns and fabrics!

Yep - all those contents are NOT sitting on top of the bag but rather UNDER the clear vinyl INSIDE the bag!  I told you they make a nice generous sized project bag!  Who wouldn't want more than one!

Hhmmm . . . I wonder what else the Tranquility Basket Panel can be turned into next!  Any thoughts/ideas?  A Tote Bag maybe?  

In the meantime, here's a quick recap of how the Tranquility Basket Panel has been used so far:

In quilts (here)

In pillows/cushions (here)

and NOW project bags as shown above!

Do YOU have any other ideas on how the Tranquility Basket Panel can be used?  I'd LOVE to hear your ideas.  Please comment below!

Until next week, happy quilting/sewing/creating!



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  • Эти проектные сумки очень хороши и удобны! Я сделала себе их несколько штук и мне они очень пригодились. Делала я их как раз по этому видео Синди Cloward (Riley Blake Designs). Размером 12 ".
    Larissa Wangarodskaya on
  • I love the project bags ! I like both ideas of quilting, equally!👍🏻👍🏻

    Theresa on
  • Such Neat Projects! Thanks for sharing!

    Linda Douglas on

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